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Meidan Elephant Camp

Meidan Elephant Camp is a place to watch elephant shows and ride elephants. There are many activities here and the camp is very interesting. First you can take a photo with the elephant. The elephant will roll you up with their noses, which is very fun, and you can feed them to eat banana or sugar cane. Then watch the elephants bathe in the river and elephant performances. There are elephants playing football, doing math, playing music, doing massage and so on. And there is the elephant riding activity. You can ride on the back of the elephant. There are thrills such as crossing the river and climbing mountains while you are riding the elephant. In addition, there are other activities such as riding ox carts, jungle shuttles crossing, bamboo rafting and so on. Bathing an elephant is really fun. It is more fun than riding an elephant, as you don’t have to worry about abusing the elephant. In short, Meidan Elephant Camp is definitely a worthwhile trip.

The elephant show here is really exciting. It feels that the elephant display here is very comprehensive. The experience of riding an elephant is quite interesting for some tourists. It is also very fun to ride an ox cart. It has a very original scenery. This elephant camp has a large area. There are a lot of elephants, and you can watch elephant shows, but the favorite part of many people is the elephant painting. It seems that these elephants are experienced.

The elephants at Meidan Elephant Camp are too smart. They dance, play football, and paint well, which are beyond imagination. In addition to watching the elephant show, you can also ride an elephant up the mountain and cross the river, take an ox cart to visit the Long Neck Village, and finally sit down in a bamboo raft to experience the infinite, mysterious and quiet scenery on both sides of the river. In short, Meidan Elephant Camp is an elephant concentration camp. You can interact with elephants throughout the process. It is well worth a visit.

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