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Lamai Beach

The waters in Lamai Beach are more transparent and look pure, and the coast is close to the local coconut groves and banana gardens. During the day, the environment here is particularly quiet, especially suitable for walking by the sea and enjoying the scenery. At night, the bars and restaurants in Lamai Beach will welcome a lot of tourists, and people will get more and more lively.

The hotels in Lamai Beach are not so concentrated as that of Chaweng Beach. Some of the hotels here were built by the sea, and some of them are private villas. The hotels choose to build on the hills. There are also museums and markets, as well as diving equipment stores, which greatly facilitate the shopping needs of tourists. The clear waters in the Lamai Beach are more suitable for swimming and water sports, and visitors who love swimming and water activities can choose to go to Lamai Beach.

From November to April of each year, Koh Samui has warm waters and mild sunshine, so this is the best time to travel to Koh Samui. From Chaweng Beach or various beaches on Koh Samui, you can take the songthaew to the Lamai Beach.

The sands of Lamai Beach are more delicate. You can dive with your loved ones, go canoeing, or sail together to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and the sky. Of course, you can also take a bath towel on the beach and enjoy the sun and take photos. You can enjoy the afternoon, watch the warm sea breeze blowing over the coconut trees, watch the waves rolling up the fine white sand and turning it to the shore, and then fading from the smooth sand. If you need a sun umbrella and a recliner, you can always use it as long as you buy a bottle of drink on the Lamai Beach. It is very cost-effective.

In addition, the unscrupulous kisses of foreign couples add a passionate romance to Lamai Beach, making it the Honeymoon Beach for a Thailand honeymoon package.

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