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Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta is a great place to stay away from the mundane hustle and bustle. The hotels are mostly built by the sea and you can go to the quiet and beautiful beaches easily. The setting sun and the stars are not luxury wish there. And you can really relax without thinking about anything.

The waters of Ko Lanta are blue-green, and the mountains at sea are limestone. There are lighthouses and forest parks in the south, Ko Lanta ancient town and Chinese temples in the east, a small town and restaurants and beaches in the west. The north there will be more prosperous, but the scenery is not as beautiful as the south.

Ko Lanta is an island which takes two hours-drive from Krabi Airport. There are resorts on the island. It is very convenient to book hotels online. You can rent motorbikes and cars on the island, you can play island hopping, or you can take a quiet holiday in the hotel. There is a national park and a mangrove park on the island.

Ko Lanta is located in Krabi Province in the south of Thailand. It has a view of the pristine natural islands. You can cycle around the island or go snorkeling. The hotels are generally along the coast or built on the top of the mountain, there are no Chinese people on the island, all are European and American tourists and locals, where you will fall in love with a small island tour. The sunset at Ko Lanta is especially beautiful. The more you go to the south, the clearer the water you will see, and it is the flour-level beach. The sand is white and water is clear to make the beach so beautiful.

Ko Lanta’s sea, beach and shells are impeccable. This is a quiet and peaceful original island. It covers an area of about 38 kilometers. It is very convenient to rent a motorbike to visit around the island there.

 Thailand’s Ko Lanta has a unique terrain extending 27 kilometers to the north and south. It is a mountain range of the prime tropical rainforest. The height difference between the north and the south of the mountain range is 500 meters. The sand under the beach is all hard rock.

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