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Jansom Bay

Jansom Bay is a private beach of Charm Churee Villa Resort. Although the sand of the beach is relatively thick, the surrounding water is clear and indigo. As long as you bury your head in the water, you can see various fishes of different sizes and colors. The paddling water waves drift with it, as if it were another beautiful home.

Hotel guests can snorkel here for free, and non-residents need to charge a certain fee to enjoy yourself on the beach. You can choose to bask in the sun and snorkel here. It is said that the snorkeling feeling here is better than the Japanese garden of Koh Nang Yuan!

Of course, it is recommended for beginner snorkelers to buy diving shoes, which can prevent feet from being cut by corals. And the sand on the beach is not so soft. It is much better to wear shoes on the beach.

Jansom Bay is located on the famous island of Koh Samui, which is actually a small beach. But there are so many fish in this sea, they are not afraid of people at all, there will be many small fishes around you when you are holding bread. In addition, you can swim a little further. You can see live corals on the sea floor, which are really beautiful.

Jansom Bay is a super natural bay. The bay is not particularly large as mentioned above, and because the sand here is relatively less delicate than other beaches, it is not particularly famous, but if you pass by, you can stop and take a look. It’s pretty, with lots of coconut trees. The snorkeling spot here is really good, the water is very good, there are a lot of corals, and there are many small fish. The sea floor is no worse than Ko Tao. More types of tropical fish can be seen here. There are many small shells and crabs on the beach too.

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