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Hong Island

Hong Island is located north of Krabi. “Hong” means “room” in Thai. It got the name precisely because there is a gap from the north side of the island. After entering by boat, you will find an inner bay which is surrounded by lush limestone mountains, like a natural room. The mangroves are scattered around the water’s edge, and the sea water is flat and gentle. Whether you travel there by yacht, longtail boat or canoe, it is easy to relax because of the isolated and quiet atmosphere there.

In addition to the inner bay, there is a shoal bay on the west side of Hong Island. The beach is soft and white, and it is very comfortable to walk or lie down. The sea water is even clearer. Whether it is paddling, snorkeling, or canoeing, water sports are all available, which will let you feel carefree. The island is rich in ecological resources and there are relatively few tourists. You can slowly observe and slow down your life to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the island.

Visitors to Hong Island usually go to Aonang to find a travel agency to book a day trip. The itinerary of one day trip can include the Hong Island alone, or an island-jumping tour around 3 or 4 islands. It can be arranged according to your own preferences and the price is also different. In general, the cost of the Hong Island one-day speedboat is about 1,000 Baht per person, and the price of taking the long tail boat is 500 Baht per person. Of course, the more people charter the boat, the more cost-effective the fee will be. You can compare the prices of several agents to bargain the fee. The one-day trip will include a simple lunch and water for you to drink, and some fruits.

Those who like snorkeling can also snorkel on the shores of Hong Island. There are many small fishes of various shapes. It is best to wear diving shoes when diving. There are many reefs and jellyfish in the water, which can easily hurt your feet. In addition, sun protection is also important when you play in Hong Island.

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