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Erawan Shrine

Four-Face Buddmstldol, also known as Erawan Shrine, means the Lord Brahma. The Lord Brahma is the main god of Indian Brahminism. There are many settings in the courtyards of Thai and Thai families. Erawan Shrine is known as the quest for Buddha in Thailand. It is located in front of the Erawan Hotel in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of the most effective Buddha statues in Thailand. It is one of the most popular Buddha statues in Thailand. It is not only respected by the Thai people. The magical efficacies also attract believers from the Buddhist countries of Southeast Asia, who come to Erawan Shrine to worship each year. If you have the chance to go to Bangkok, this is a must-see attraction.

Just as mentioned above, there are many settings in all parts of Thailand including the home courtyard. The incense is the most popular in Erawan Shrine, and from morning to night, it is surrounded by flowers and incense sticks. You can also hire those girls who are in traditional costumes to dance and sing.

Every November 9th is the birthday of the Erawan Shrine, and there will be many foreign celebrities and stars gathering here to worship. The Erawan Shrine was destroyed in 2006 and has been rebuilt. About the Erawan Shrine’s eight-handed magic weapons: holding the command flag in one hand to represent the universal power; holding the Buddhist scripture to represent wisdom; holding the Charonia tritonis in one hand to bless the world; holding the paddle wheel in one hand to destroy the evil and annoyance; holding the wand to represent IQ and achievements; holding the kettle in one hand to represent the good weather; taking the rosary in one hand to represent  mastering the reincarnation of the human world; holding the handwriting in one hand to shelter all people.

For those who believe in Buddhism, it is unthinkable to come to Bangkok without worshiping Erawan Shrine, just like entering the temple without worshiping God. It is said that the experience of Erawan Shrine is extraordinarily effective, so some tourists have traveled to Thailand several times in order to make a vow in front of Erawan Shrine.

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