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Coral Island

On the Coral Island, you can play banana boat, which costs 800 baht per person. A banana boat can take 3-6 people. It is recommended that the group of 3 people be more exciting. The speedboat drags the banana boat to the sea and reaches the designated area. A boatman will overturn the banana boat. It is very exciting to let tourists fall into the sea. Taking photos of the banana boat is also charged at THB 200 per piece. The banana boat has just one round trip and it will take about 10 minutes. It is a very exciting entertainment project.

Undersea walks in the Coral Island are suitable for all ages. Once you get to the bottom of the sea, you can see some small fish around. The number is still quite a lot. It is a 25-minute project, and if you have not played before, you can try it. Remember to choose additional consumption so that they can help you take photos underwater. And they will give electronic photos on the spot. The professional divers take care of you during the whole journey in the water, two to three peoples make a group, which costs 1,500 baht. The coaches accompanying you will scatter fish food around you, and the tropical fish will swim around you, which look beautiful.

You can play paragliding on Coral Island. It is quite fun to play this for the first time. It will use a motorbike with a paraglider to start from the beach. After the acceleration, the paraglider is taken to the surface of the sea, with the acceleration or deceleration of the motorbike, the paraglider will be hovered in the air and become descending, and suddenly the paraglider flies high. In fact, it seems to be very exciting. Actually, it is not dangerous. The time is too short as you can play just a few minutes, and the price is about 300 baht. Paragliding is very comfortable. It is very dangerous when you watch it, but it is the most docile in the water project in Coral Island. When it is pulled into the sky by the umbrella, you can overlook the blue water surface, and your mood will be relaxed.

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