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Bor Thor

Bor Thor is located in the Krabi National Nature Reserve. You can take a canoe to roam the sea eclipse forest and stalactite wonders upon arrival. There is no sound of disturbance, except the incessant chatter of insects, birds, and apes. With a slight twist, the light boat glides through the mysterious cave, and at the end it suddenly opens up into a mysterious lake that is hidden in high walls on all sides, just like the legendary Peach Blossom Wonderland. On the way, you can also visit an ancient human cave that has a history of 3000 years, where the totem of the mysterious species carved on the rock wall is full of imagination to make people feel incredible.

Bor Thor is a great place for rafting adventures. It is featuring beautiful mangroves, magical stalactites, turquoise emerald lake, small Jiuzhaigou jungle karst, and even the air is cool here! Sitting in a kayak and wandering around, you will feel that the scenery rushes forward, and the strange stone magpies pass over you, and you can slowly enjoy the fun.

Bor Thor’s natural scenery is beautiful, and there are caves everywhere. Floating in a boat on the sea is also a very pleasant thing. Bor Thor is surrounded by lush trees, and if the time is right, you can view the beautiful mangroves. This place is very suitable to go with the tour group, because it feels very dangerous. If you go by yourself, many fun places are basically not found. The sea and the forest are very captivating and very close to the original forest. On the whole, it is worth a visit. The scenery is charming the air is particularly fresh. It is very fun here and the environment is particularly good, and the crowd is very lively. It is a place with Southeast Asian characteristics.

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