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Bophut Beach

The beaches of Koh Samui are relatively less polluted than the Phi Phi Islands in Phuket, and the sand is soft. Bophut Beach is a lot quieter than Lamai Beach. It is ideal for a stroll in the evening to watch the sunset at the beach, then go to the night market to eat some food. It’s the ultimate in beauty. On such a beach, you will be tempted to be tanned and take a motorboat. Lying in the sea will let you feel the waves pushing you. Everything is so quiet and beautiful.

You can follow the navigation and ride a motorcycle to Bophut Beach, and you will go through a night market and then reach the beach. The sea breeze on the beach of Koh Samui in Koh Samui blows over your face, the seawater slap on your ankles, the comfortable white sand is rubbing under your feet, the hot girl and the handsome guy are playing volleyball in the sea, the children are playing water in the sea, and the cozy people are lying on beach to enjoy sunbathing, the seagulls are flying over your head, all of which makes the Bophut Beach so comfortable and enjoyable.

The small fishing village of Bophut Beach is well worth a visit, and you are not necessarily waiting for the night market on Friday! There are many petty restaurants in the small fishing village, where you can do the se-view massage. It is recommended to go there in the afternoon at 16 o’clock, then find a restaurant for afternoon tea to view the sea! There are various snacks at the night market. The beach bar is very lively. There are fireworks shows every night and you can watch the coco tam’s fireworks show at night, which is very cool.

There are quite a few hotels near the Bophut Beach, especially the five-star hotels, and many hotels are right next to the beach. You can see the sunrise early in the morning and the sunset in the evening. Bophut Beach feels very suitable for Thailand honeymoon packages as it is very romantic. Bophut Beach in the evening is very lively with beautiful view. There are yachts for rent. Comprehensive consumption in Bophut Beach is cheaper than Chaweng Beach!

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